Visiting Siena

Siena is my home town.  My parents and grand parents teach me to appreciate, love and respect it.
Florence is the historical rival of Siena, which sadly had to succumb to Cosimo Medici 1st in 1554. Even today we haven’t forgiven him for this…
If you come with me around the towns to discover their inner secrets, you will understand why they are still enemies

About Siena

Siena is a small and amazing town, full of magic corners, incredible monuments , such as the Cathedral left unfinished due to the black plague, the Town Hall and the most ancient Hospital of the world: Santa Maria della Scala…first hospital and first orphanage in the world: in 1089 it already had 300 abandoned children to take care of.

At the end of the X th century the Archibishop of Canterbury, Sigeric, returning home after a pilgrimage to Rome, mentioned Siena as one of the places he saw on his way. Our hospital was then known as a ‘hostel’ , where pilgrims and merchants could find hospitality and little by litte it became one of the most important and powerful institutions of Siena, welcoming abandoned children, distributing food to the poor people, looking after sick people, providing services of extremely modern social utility….for centuries.

It has been a working hospital since  the 10th century up until 1996 when it was turned into a museum. The ER has frescoes from the …. Century!

The Cathedral