Best of Mas® starts from myself, an architect and a tour guide but above all,
a woman who loves reinventing herself all the time, always doing her best and following the Memento Audere Semper motto.
This Latin motto was created in the 1910s by the Italian poet and patriot Gabriele D’Annunzio and it means Remember to always dare,
do not put limits on what you can achieve because you are the only limit to what you can do… And that's my mission.

I carry on without stopping and I do what I believe in,
without ever giving me any limits.
Best of Mas® is therefore
the best of really the best I can achieve in my life
and offer to others, without any limits to that. – Francesca



We can take provide you a private driver who will wait for you when you land at the airport and will drive you at your accommodation.