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The story of ‘Best of Mas’ begins many years ago when my family took a trip to the United States. What could have been the vacation of a lifetime turned into a little nightmare. That was the inspiration to help other families to enjoy my country, to have a worry-free and memorable vacation. I know that when you are in another country, with another language, every little problem can become an issue. My staff and I are here to help. All of us at Best of Mas are native to Tuscany. We work together with pride and passion to make you feel at home. Our goal is to give you perfect service, authentic experiences with authentic people – far from the tourist traps. We want to be your guardian angels when you need us. We want to guarantee you a wonderful and memorable vacation.

Every tour, restaurant, vineyard or shop that you see on our website, has been tested. The cars we rent are maintained by our team. You can arrive at the airport, be picked up by our driver, brought to your villa where you will find a rental car waiting for you to use for the length of your stay. When you are ready to leave, our driver will bring you to your next destination. No hassles, no worries. We will adapt to what you need. You can also let us prepare a welcome dinner. Our Tuscan chef will create authentic Tuscan dishes, accompanied by our famous Tuscan wine. Of course, food and wine go together here. Have a worry-free, authentic Tuscan experience and let us take care of you while we show off the Best of Mas and Tuscany.

Francesa (CEO and logistics)
CEO & logistics

My name is Francesca Vigni, I was born in Siena in 1972, I became an architect in 1991 and opened my studio in 2000. In 2017 I bacame a tour guide and opened a travel agency to be able to offer services to my guests.

My goal is to give to my clients a "worry free vacation" and an easy holiday: I want to be your friend in italy and suggest you the best way to do everything, make count on me! I love my town and my country and decided to invent “Best of Mas®” to share my passion with all people who wish to visit Tuscany and discover the local culture. Our history goes back to ancient times and our culture is a fine mixture of art, architecture, food, wine and age old traditions and I would love to share all of this
with you…

Sabrina (Manager)
booking manager

I was born in Milan but At the age of 12 I moved with my family in a tuscan farmhouse owned by my grandfather and from that moment I fell in love with Tuscan life style. My dream since I was a child has been to learn to speak as many languages as possible in order to be able to talk to many people and have with them an exchange of cultures. I graduated in languages in Florence and I started working in tourism in 1986 and at that stage I realized that: I deeply fell in love with Tuscany, I love our culture, our food, our landscapes and our way of life imbued with traditions and memories. I like to speak with customers to understand their meaning of vacation and that's where I begin my quest for the ideal villa, farm or house that
best reflects the idea of "vacation" and "holiday home".

Concierge Manager

Michele (accountability and car rentals)
accountability & car rentals

I spent my childhood on a splendid farm in the Arezzo countryside: there life flowed following the rhythms of nature. I grew up eating good genuine food, produced directly on the farm and cooked at home, according to our Tuscan traditions, giving me memories of aromas, tastes and true well-being that make me be what I am today.
This is the reason that has led me for over 10 years to work in the tourism field, in the mobility sector, in order to lead people to discover wonderful places, authentic flavors of the local culinary tradition and to live unique experiences that Tuscany can give us.

Ambra (Tour/Sommelier)
Tour guide & Sommelier/Gourmet

I'm tour guide, accredited for Siena and Florence. I'm also a “tour companion” qualification and finally, I have “an environmental guide” qualification.
Currently, I am studying to finish my journey as Sommelier AIS.
I undertook this profession because it makes me feel like an ambassador of the “tricolore”, a proud standard-bearer of my beautiful Italy, which I am hopelessly in love with. Every time that I accompany visitors to the discovery of a wine, a dish, a work of art, or a path, I feel like I am contributing, in my own small way, to pay tribute to my country and to our history.

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